A passage to India

Dr. Martin Schmidpeter
Underwent a two month Surgical elective in India


A Passage to India

The “warnings” about Indian healthcare disappeared under the light of a very unique experience. –
Dr. Martin Schmidpeter, Switzerland.


I always wanted to visit India because I was fascinated by the country. That’s why I decided to do a 2-month surgical elective in a hospital in this subcontinent. At first I was at a loss as to where to go – then colleague recommended MIOT Hospitals. Since some very reputed Swiss and German Professors are associated with this hospital, I thought it would be a good place.

A Nervous Beginning
Nevertheless – I had no idea of what to expect in India, which is so far away and so different from my home. Switzerland is, in short, a small, neat and organized country. The patients are very demanding and only want the latest and best treatment. They will not settle for anything less and won’t tolerate a mistake. So I’m used to being always on the edge and open to the latest developments.

Before I came I had been warned about the rather bad conditions and low level of hygiene in public hospitals – so when I arrived at MIOT I was positively surprised. I found a clean, well organized hospital with competent and friendly doctors. I was posted for a month in Orthopaedics and another month in General Surgery, but I also had a brush with other specialists. So I saw, for example, an excellently equipped Radiology Department and a cardio thoracic surgical unit with a very experienced and harmonious working team.

My MIOT experience
During my stay there were three things that struck me the most:

The patients
I was surprised to find that MIOT treats not only patients from all over India, but also from Africa, the Middle East and even USA and Canada. Some come simply for Joint Replacement and other elective procedures. But others come here because they were treated poorly in a different hospital, and the doctors from MIOT set it right.

Constant improvements
Prof. Mohandas is always on the lookout for the latest innovations. There was hardly a week when there was no replacement of equipment, which was not obsolete, but simply not state-of-the-art anymore.

The level of care
My initial skepticism turned into enthusiasm for this “world of care” especially after I saw some other hospitals in India in comparison. So I was very lucky to choose exactly this pearl of a hospital in the whole country.

It was quite amazing to see all the brain power and skill assembled in one small hospital. Almost all of them undergo training abroad in a reputed centre of their specialty. I found it a very clever move to assemble skills and knowledge from all over the world and concentrate it in one centre.

I would like to thank IGOF and MIOT Hospitals for this opportunity.

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