IGOF Training

IGOF is an “Independent Scientific Body” which has no leaning towards any commercial arm. Its main aim is to promote friendship, comradeship and collaboration between Indian and German Orthopaedic Surgeons by training young orthopaedic doctors, promote fellowship training at Germany and unite the IGOF members in both India and Germany.

  • Training: IGOF’s perspective is to train the young doctors all over India via events, seminar and programmes and to further develop and maintain the cordial relationship between German and Indian orthopaedic doctors.


Faculty Protocol

  • The articles/presentation should be prepared in advance by the respective person.
  • The articles should be scientifically prepared and should be impressive and self-explanatory.
  • To perform the presentation the concerned person has to bring the data in a pen drive or CD. This will avoid carrying personal laptops for the presentation and to reduce the time consumption by transferring the laptops during the presentation.

Participations Protocol

  • For the Q&A session, only one question is allowed per person. This is to ensure each  and every participant gets a chance to clarify their doubts.
  • Participants are requested to switch off the cell phone during the seminar.


Who are eligible to attend the IGOF organized seminars or events or training programmes?
Any Orthopaedic Surgeons who wish to widen their knowledge are welcomed to attend the IGOF programmes.

What do I gain by attending the training programme?
Doctors under the training programme will be a given wider perspective about the topic of discussion, update information about the latest surgical techniques, modern equipment aiding the surgery etc., all in the field of Orthopaedics.

How do I enroll myself for the training programme (Event / Seminar)?
You can enroll by filling up the details or email the required details as asked in the “ Registration” page of this website. We shall confirm your participation either by mail or post at the earliest. (Note: The Registration page will be updated shortly)

Do I need to pay for attending the training programme?
A nominal charge is to be paid for attending few aspects of the programme. Expenses like travel, food and accommodation have to be managed on your own.

How often the IGOF training programme is organized in a year?
The IGOF training programme / courses are conducted twice a year in some part of the country. The exact training schedule details will be available on request or will be updated in the IGOF website well in advance.

What is the last date for registration for the upcoming training programme?
Will be updated shortly.

How many training programme or courses has IGOF conducted so far?
IGOF has conducted more than 33 courses in India since its inception in 1992.