P.M. Suresh Kumar

I was exposed to several surgeries including fracture fixations, primary joint replacement and revision joint replacements, which gave me insight regarding the modern methods prevalent in Europe. I was allowed to scrub and assist in several surgeries at Unfallklinik at Rummelsberg, which was a nice experience.

The daily meetings and discussion during surgery and rounds were fruitful, which has improved my clinical assessment and surgical performance skills. Also I have fined tuned several of my surgeries, learnt new technical tips which I can put into practice in my country.

The organization of the orthopaedic surgical unit was good. Everyone including the professor was warm and friendly and was always willing to help. Overall with the use of this fellowship training program, I have become a better surgeon and better doctor.

Thanks to IGOF for providing me this fellowship, which was a memorable and wonderful one.

Dr. P.M. Suresh Kumar
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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