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Master's Course on Trauma & Joint Replacement Surgery

01st Sep 2012

The IGOF Master’s Course on Trauma & Joint Replacement Surgery was held on September, 2012 in Bhopal. The program was organized in the Auditorium of the Peoples College of Medical Sciences & RC Bhopal.

The International Faculty were from Germany and United Kingdom besides the Indian Faculty.

  • Saturday – September 1, 2012 was devoted to Trauma and
  • Sunday September 2, 2012 was devoted to Joint Replacements

Total Replacement of the Shoulder and Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty was also part of the course. In addition Arthroscopic Surgery of the Shoulder, Knee etc. were also included,

We had invited papers from Orthopaedic Surgeons below the age of 45 years for the “Mohandas – Weller” Award which along with the medal and citation carried a cash award of Rs.25,000/-as well as a Fellowship in one of the outstanding centers in India or abroad for 6 weeks.

The course was free for IGOF Members and Medical Students. Non IGOF members would have to pay Rs.1000/- for registration..

Download E- Invite with Application Form for the upcoming The IGOF Master’s Course on Trauma & Joint Replacement Surgery is to be held on September 1 & 2, 2012 in Bhopal, India.


DAY 1 – Saturday – September 01, 2012
08.45 Hrs. Welcome Prof. Dr. P.V.A. Mohandas
08.55 Hrs. Introduction to the topics of the day Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
Morning: Lower leg fractures with soft tissue damage.
09.00 Hrs. Classification of soft tissue damage Dr.Senthil Kumaran
09.20 Hrs. Influence of soft tissue damage on bone healing Dr. Hofmann Mainz, Germany
09.40 Hrs. Proximal tibia fractures Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
10.00 Hrs. External fixation of the tibia shaft: technique, tips and tricks Dr.Ramprasad
10.30 Hrs. Coffee Break
11.00 Hrs. Tibia shaft fracture: role of IM nailing Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
11.20 Hrs. Tibia shaft fracture: staged reconstruction Dr.Ramprasad
11.40 Hrs. Soft tissue coverage, plastic procedures Dr.Senthil Kumaran
12.00 Hrs. Shaft fracture with bone defect, methods of reconstruction Dr.Ramprasad
12.20 Hrs. Pilon tibial fractures Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
12.40 Hrs. Ankle fractures Dr. Hofmann Mainz, Germany
13.00 Hrs. Lunch
Afternoon: Pelvic trauma
14.00 Hrs. Anatomy of the pelvic ring and nearby soft tissue structures Bhopal (Dr.Harish Rao)
14.20 Hrs. Classification of pelvic ring injuries Dr. Hofmann Mainz, Germany
14.40 Hrs. Emergency treatment of unstable pelvic ring lesions Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
15.00 Hrs. Decision making. What to do first? Dr. Hofmann Mainz, Germany
15.20 Hrs. Oseosynthesis of the anterior pelvic ring Dr.Ramprasad
15.40 Hrs. Coffee Break
16.10 Hrs. Osteosynthesis of the posterior pelvic ring Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
16.40 Hrs. Nonunion and malunion Dr. Hofmann Mainz, Germany
17.10 Hrs. Guest lecture: Diagnosis and treatment of fractures of the acetabulum Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens Mainz, Germany
17.30 Hrs. Summary
DAY 2 – Sunday – September 02, 2012
08.00 Hrs. Introduction to Shoulder Arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery (Recurrent dislocation of the shoulder MIOT approach) Dr.Ram Chidambaram MIOT Hospitals
08.30 Hrs. Recent trends in Ligament Reconstruction Dr. Jagadeesh MIOT Hospitals
09.00 Hrs. Introduction & Application of Wrist Arthroscopy Dr.Ram Chidambaram MIOT Hospitals
09.15 Hrs. Making Total Hip Replacement easier with high performance Modular Implants Dr.Prithvi Mohandas MIOT Hospitals
09.30 Hrs. Reducing instability and dealing with hip dislocation Dr.Sarah Muirhead Allwood(London Hip Unit)
10.00 Hrs. A typical Indication for Hip Arthroplasty Dr.Prithvi Mohandas MIOT Hospitals
10.15 Hrs. Infected Total Hip Replacement – My approach Dr.Sarah Muirhead Allwood(London Hip Unit)
10.45 Hrs. Coffee Break
11.00 Hrs. Revision of Acetabulum Dr.Sarah Muirhead Allwood(London Hip Unit)
11.30 Hrs. Revision of Femoral Component Dr.Prithvi Mohandas MIOT Hospitals
12.00 Hrs. Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty The MIOT Experience Dr.Ram Chidambaram MIOT Hospitals
12.30 Hrs. Current Status of Computer Navigation Foreign Faculty
13.00 Hrs. Total Knee Replacement Madhya Pradesh Scenario Local faculty
13.30 Hrs. Revision Total Knee Replacement Foreign Faculty
14.00 Hrs. Presentation for Mohandas Weller Award

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