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Masters Course Sports Medicine

12th, 13th & 14th October 2023

IGOF Master Course in Sports Medicine

IGOF Master Course in Sports Medicine was held in MIOT International, Chennai from 12th to 14th October 2023. This occasion laid the blueprint for a worldwide forum, uniting more than 400 medical professionals, including Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rehab Specialists, Physiotherapists and experts from the healthcare industry globally.
Stage shared at the IGOF’s inaugural ceremony: Dr. Prithivi Mohandas, Managing Director of MIOT International & Secretary, IGOF along with distinguished experts Dr. Rik Kundra, Dr. Gustavo Socorro, Prof. Raj Ganesh, Dr. Sibin Surendran, Dr. Raju Easwaran, Dr. Danny Louange, Dr. Vikram Mhaskar, Dr. Karthik Selvaraj, Dr. Santosh Sahanand, Prof. Anjan Ramachandranath, Prof. Gopisankar G, Dr. Vikram Mhaskar, Dr. K N Subramanian, Dr. Barry D’ Rosario, Dr. Ramprasad Jasthi, Dr. Charanjit Singh Dhillon, Dr. Senthilvelan R, Dr. Billy Paul Wilson and Dr. Ashok Selvaraj were present.

The Grand Orthopaedic Quiz

IGOF was overwhelmed with the sharpest IQ’s of the fraternity, participants displayed great enthusiasm that elated the interactive sessions. IGOF gladly congratulates its winners and all the participants of the “Grand Orthopaedic Quiz”. The enthusiastic partaking of the inspiring students showered their knowledge and skills covering the streams of Orthopaedics which made this event an intense success and much memorable.

Winners and Runners on the leader board achieved certification of honour and cash prizes.


The prestigious MOHANDAS - WELLER GOLD MEDAL AWARD was presented to Dr. Ashikh Eapen Thomas - Ortho-One Orthopaedic Speciality Centre, Coimbatore for the abstract “Glenoid Coronal Tilt Angle – Does it vary in Indian Population”
The MOHANDAS - WELLER GOLD MEDAL AWARD runner-up to Dr. Mrudhula Buddana - A1 Amar Orthopedic Hospital, Guntur for the abstract "Indigenous development of PRP kit for Clinical Application"
MOHANDAS - WELLER GOLD MEDAL AWARD - is presented to budding medical minds carrying remarkable ideas and lined-up with insights that forefront in orthopaedics. The top presentations raged from debates and delivered solutions to global challenges in healthcare. We congratulate all the participants for bringing in such outstanding research into this edition of IGOF that revolves to transform the future of Orthopaedics.