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Master Course in Trauma

26th Sep 2009

There are 290 deaths per day in India due to road accidents. In fact 50% of all Emergency cases in hospital are road accident cases.

With this in mind we take great pleasure in inviting you for the IGOF Master’s Course in Trauma on September 26-27, 2009 at MIOT Hospitals, Chennai. The course will be conducted by a distinguished panel of specialists from India and abroad.

Programme Details

Topic IGOF Master Course on Trauma
Venue MIOT Hospitals, Chennai 600089
Date 26th – 27th September 2009
Time 8am to 6pm

IGOF Master Course in Trauma – Programme Schedule

09.00 Hrs. Principles of Trauma Care and Fracture Treatment – What did we learn & achieve? – Prof. Dr. Siegfried Weller
09.30 Hrs. Shoulder Management of Proximal Humeral Fractures – Prof. Dr. K.Weise
10.00 Hrs. Indications and Techniques for shoulder replacements in fractures of the humeral head- Prof. Dr. V.Buehren
10.30 Hrs. Elbow Management of complex fractures of the distal humerus and proximal forearm – Prof. Dr. K.Weise
11.00 Hrs. Indications for Endo prosthesis in trauma to elbow – Prof. Dr. V.Buehren
11.30 Hrs.

– Coffee Break –

12.00 Hrs. Wrist Management of fractures around the wrist when do we do conventional and when locked plates in the distal radius – Dr. D.Albrecht
12.30 Hrs. Spine Fracture management of the upper cervical spine – Dr. C.S.Dhillon
13.00 Hrs. Concepts of operative treatment in thoracic and Lumbar spine – Prof. Dr. V.Buehren
13.30 Hrs. Minimal invasive techniques in spinal – Dr. C.S.Dhillon
14.00 Hrs.  – Lunch Break –
14.00 Hrs. Live Surgeries
09.00 Hrs. Pelvis Management of complex pelvic injuries – Prof. Dr. O.Trentz
09.30 Hrs. Late reconstruction of post traumatic pelvic Deformity -Prof. Dr. U.Holz
10.00 Hrs. Acetabulum Total Hip Replacement after acetabular Fractures – Miss. S.K.Muirhead – Allwood
10.30 Hrs. Approaches for elementary and complex Fractures of the acetabulum – Prof. Dr. U.Holz
11.00 Hrs. – Coffee Break –
11.30 Hrs. Hip Femoral neck fractures multiple screws of DHS fixation – Dr. Vivek Varma
12.00 Hrs. Non union of femoral neck fracture reconstruction or Hip replacement – Prof. Dr. U.Holz
12.30 Hrs Knee, Ankle & Foot Floating knee – how to prevent poor outcome – Dr. D.Albrecht
13.00 Hrs. Corrective Osteotomies after mal union – Prof. Dr. K.Weise<
13.30 Hrs. Ankle and pilon tibiale Fractures (incl. Joint replacement) – Dr. D.Albrecht
14.00 Hrs. Foot and ankle Deformity Correction – Dr. Ram Prasad
14.30 Hrs. – Lunch Break –
15.00 Hrs. Live Surgeries

Click here to download the IGOF Master Course in Trauma programme invitation with schedule in .pdf format

IGOF Master Course on Trauma – 26th  and 27th Sep 2009